I am Marie Cucurella, I study political science in France, in Grenoble.
I work a lot on gender, and I am a member of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, of which I coordinate and develop further the youth network, in order to get more young people involved in peacework with a gender perspective.
I love meeting other committed young people and then spread our discussions/ideas, I’m really looking forward to meeting you all!

Marie Green

Hi, I`m Floriana. I’m Italian and I study law at the University of Catania. This is my first project YPA. I have already been in Poland and I like to learn about its history.
I`m member of the regional leadership of the Young Democrats of Sicily. I work as a volunteer in a parish in Catania. This year I attended the school of National Education of the Italian Democratic Party, which took place in Rome.
I obtained a diploma of international politics at ISPI.
I hope in the future to take care of human rights, democracy and Europe. I always try to broaden my horizons.

Floriana Costa

I’m Elif from Turkey. I live in Samsun next to Black Sea. Firstly, this will be my second Youth Project and I’m really so excited and pumped up for coming to Poland and starting it! I’m studying English language and literature in Karabük University. Literature, art, music and theatre take really important place in my life. I love spreading ideas and broaden my horizon by the help of different minds. Discovering new places and understanding cultures better through people are make me happy. I’m so glad that we will be the peace ambassadors!

Peace Out!

Elif Seckin

My name is Marcin, I am an educated German and Polish teacher, but what’s more important I’m a city addict and sustainable transport wannabe-expert. Once I entered the world of city activists there was no turning back. It’s a difficult ride for me, cause not every decision maker is as enthusiastic as we are. By ‘we’ I mean Poznań Bike Commuters (Rowerowy Poznań – SRM) – one of the oldest bike organizations in Poland (we exist since 1993!)

Marcin Czerkawski

Hello everybody!! My name is Mateo, I´m from Galicia (northern Spain) thought right now I´ll be living in Barcelona for the a couple of years. I´ve studied law in Santiago de Compostela and now I´ve just started a master to become a formal lawyer. I love politics and I understand my future profession as one more way to bring social justice and to guarantee civil rights in our society, which is one of the reasons why I didn´t hesitate on say yes as soon as I was invited to be part of this amazing project. I can´t wait to meet you all and to learn from you, I´ll just try to do my best 😉 See you soon!

Mateo Kumi

I am Oğuz Han URHAN, student at Yıldız Technical University of İstanbul, studying Political Science And International Relations. I am also a volunteer teacher at Qnushyo Assyrian – Syrian School in İstanbul where I teach German and Swedish. I’m also a “Young Mediator” for conflicts which are problematic for refugees in Turkey. I’m big fan of languages and really interested in European and Middle Eastern cultures, values and politics. The EU, Israel, the Balkans and Scandinavia are the main focuses of my interest. I’m from İzmir, currently living in İstanbul and I have previously lived in Sweden and in Germany

Oğuz Han Urhan

Hello I am Huriye YILDIZ,I studied International Relations at Yalova and Marmara University in Turkey also I spent my last year in Poland as an erasmus student,so as you can guess Poland has completely different place in my heart <3 Now as a fresh graduated I am working as Project Coordinator in the Dynamic Development Association in Turkey. I am really interested in the issue of conflict resolution,human rights,democracy,peacebuilding and currently entering the area of enterpreneurship.One of my biggest passion is meeting with people who have different ideas,backgrounds,cultures because I strongly believe that this things makes us united. I am looking forward to meet with all of you, From Turkey with Love

Huriye Yıldız

Hello, I am Mama-dian, a young lady born in west Africa (Guinea). I came in France early and i had the luck to pursue my studies. I strongly believe “education” can make an impact in people’s lives like to bring peace and tolerence. That’s why i am really engage in youth education in Africa.
I also coordinate intercultural projects with my association. It will be my 2nd YPA project and can’t wait to see you all.
I live in Paris where i study. I have an international law degree and preparing a master in business law at Sorbonne university.
Besides, i am a travel passionate i think the world is our common heritage. ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽


Hello. I am José, an eclectic person active in arts, politics and business. Since 2013 I am coordinating a local youth organization wich has the improbable goal of transform the political culture in our small rural area in Madrid region, specially in youth participation.

Jose B. Sevillano

I’m Emir and I’m youth peace ambassador from Macedonia. I am part of youth organization SWTA Macedonia and National Youth Council of Macedonia. Besides youth, I am also active in the tech/startup field. Passionate on peacebuilding and conflict transformaiton, sustainable development and (social) entrepreneurship.

Emir Slezovikj

I am María or Maruchi, I am coming from Spain.
Graduatet in Social Education and I have activist heart. I am working as cofunder of coworking and coliving space where we organize educational and social projects.
This will be my third YPA project.

Maruchi Rodriguez

I am Igor and I am from Skopje, Macedonia.
I work in the NGO Youth Educational Forum and I study business management. I am passionate about social entrepreneurship and sustainable growth. Also, I love sports and outdoor activities (even if it snows).

Igor Tashkovski

Youth Peace Ambassadors Network member and human rights educator. Passionate about intercultural learning, non-violent activism, biking, challenges and sweets. With educational background in European studies, law and gender mainstreaming. Living in Warsaw.

Agata Stajer

Cześć! I am Andreas from Warsaw. I take part in Election Observation Missions (EOMs) with OSCE/ODIHR and organize EOMs for young European volunteers with AEGEE.
Besides that I host a show at IMI Radio, a radio for migrants in Poland, and fight for clean air in the Warszawski Alarm Smogowy. It will be my second YPA project! 🙂

Andreas Martin Speiser

Youth Peace Ambassador and co-founder of Sende, coworking & coliving space in the Spanish countryside. I am working in the field of social entrepreneurship. Conflict-transformation and peacebuilding are my topics.
From The Balkans, living in Spain.

Edo Sadikovic

My name is Edouard and I am based in France. I work as a freelance facilitator and consultant in the field of conflict transformation, trauma healing and education. I represent the French partner on this project – Cross the Border – that you can contact at :

Edouard Portefaix

I am Olga from Poland and I am a young professional focused on Central and Eastern European issues, Russia, anti-corruption reforms and civil society projects. I speak fluently four languages (English, Polish, Russian and Belarusian), and have a good command of German. I write articles and regularly conduct my blog, where I cover the Eastern European issues. Recently, I assisted in organizing events and supporting projects regarding German-Russian and Eastern European countries dialog at the Lew Kopelew Forum in Cologne.  Currently, I am working on implementation of the project “Bialowieza forest – the natural heritage of Europe”. I am looking forward to meeting you all!

Olga Aleszco

I am Muhsine. I am 19 y.o. I live in France. I study in first year of institute of political science.
Previously for one year I accomplished a national volunteer service in a middle-age school. My role was to educate children on society topic like democracy, human rights, sustainable développement…This experience really marks me and I can speak about it for hours haha
I already take part in Training course with No Hate Speech Movement, but it will be my first long-term project
I am interested in topics like: equality in education, religious discriminations, sustainable development,

Generally… I am excited by new unconformist experience, building memories with people, sharing food.

Muhsine Snrt

Hello Guys, I am Abdullah from Turkey. I am currently studying Law in İstanbul. I’ve been participated several erasmus+ project and I am really looking forward to take part of YPA for the first time. I am founder of volunteering club which is conducting conferences about women and child rights mostly, also I am vice president of DD association which is working European field. I am very interested and can’t wait to meet all of you! Cheers!

Abdullah Atik

Hello everyone! I am Carla, an always-happy, smiley and easy-going 25 girl from Catania, Sicily! 🙂
Graduated in Law in January 2016, I am currently doing an internship at the Court of Assizes. I am a member of Elsa ( European Law Students Association) and hope to find a job in European Institutions or International Cooperation field, soon or later 🙂 My motto is:”Live fiercely and never back down!”

Carla Pisi

Hi everyone! I am Angela from Macedonia. I have graduated acting and this is my second youth projects. I am very excited to be part of this peace project and what we are going to do through the whole year. Can’t wait to see how is it going to be!
See you all soon!
Angela Dimitrova

Hey everyone! I am Tish, originally from Birmingham, UK but currently living and working in Hungary and Berlin. Member of Youth Peace Ambassadors Network, and this is my 3rd YPA project. Freelance trainer and writer, peace activist and life lover. (
Look forward to a great time together in Poland with you all!

Tissione Parmar

Hello everyone, my name is Ivona, I come from Macedonia. I have degree in marketing and I work as a freelancer for online marketing and graphic design.
I am member of Summer Work and Travel alumni and we have recently organize job fair for start-up companies and unemployed young people.  It is my first time participating in this kind of project so I am really excited and looking forward to meet all of you.

Ivona Veljanoska

Youth Peace Ambassador, trainer and activist from Hungary.

Lutza Elek

Hello everybody! I am Federica, I am Italian and I just graduated in Law. I took part to several international projects – among these the World Forum for Democracy and the MEUS. I studied for some periods in England and in Belgium. I did some volountary work experiences in Australia, Turkey and Germany. I am very excited to take part to this fascinating project and to get to know more about you!

Federica Giordano

Hello Everyone, I am Edina from Hungary. I studied languages and later international relations, almost ten years ago I joined the Hungarian branch (Utilapu) of the Service Civil International (SCI) and I participated in several peace-related projects. I am opened to human rights and peace education, in the future I would work with people with similar interest on projects with a huge impact on society. From February we are starting our work with the Peace Messenger working group in Utilapu, I hope we can grab ideas from each other 😉

Edina Lovass

I’m Hanna from Hungary, I’m a videographer and a documentary filmmaker. I gratuated in intercultural studies, and I’m really much committed to human rights and social issues, and I’m involved in making documentaries on social topics. I have a very little experience in organising filmmaking workshops for groups as a tool of empowerment, and I would like to develop my skills and knowledge also in this direction, and create a project like this in Hungary this year. :Ö

Hanna Eichner

I’m Almir 25 years old, graduated financial management in Skopje. I have worked in the AIESEC student organization for three years and been part of the Out going and exchange team, so we would promote and send students on internships in other countries.
I look forward meeting all of you guys and see u soon 🙂

Almir Rahimovski

My name is Jan, I was born in Warsaw, Poland, and I currently live there as well. I am 27 and have been passionate about entrepreneurship since early high school. For the last 3 years, I have been running an online recruitment platform with EU and venture capital backing. I have also been teaching entrepreneurship in high school. I strongly believe that we live in the world of opportunities, no matter the background, and more importantly, that we can both impact and stimulate change around us.
I have graduated in the area of finance and project management. I love people, travelling, sport and new technologies. Below, I attach my current photo and also the one made 20-something years ago. Yes, I guess sport is my longest passion of all:) See you in couple of days!

Jan Radzikowski

 I’m Krzysztof from Poland. Member of Rowerowy Poznań (City Cyclists NGO organization). I am also member of local food cooperative. I am vegan. I love to travel, to meet people, to cook and to drink good coffee Can’t wait to see you in Sende

Krzysztof Penczyński