A short video of memories from the second residential meeting of Youth Peacebuilders Multipliers project that took place in Senderiz, Spain. By Elif Seckin

P2P stands for Peer-to-Peer and is a space which combines the concept of peer-to-peer learning with creative ideas shared on how to promote democratic and European values.

During the duration of the project, YPbMs were interacting with their peers by sharing their ideas, good practices and self-learning process.

The outcomes are the following corners:

Corner of ideas on how to promote democracy and European values. 


Corner of ideas  on how to promote democracy and European values

European Solidarity Corps as space for young people engagement into shaping EU:



Local community fighting back neo-Nazis:

Cycle without age – an example of building bridges across generations:


International day for democracy – website of the CoE

Social Rules Project – an educational initiative that reveals how social rules, or “institutions,” shape our planet and our lives


Corner on democratic and peaceful methods::

Peaceful protests example:

OTPOR – movement which with popular nonviolent protests swept away dictatorship (using sometimes funny examples and jokes), movie: “Bring down a dictator”



Center for Applied Nonviolent Actions and Strategies – explaining what a powerful tool nonviolent struggle is:

Alive Peace – international youth-led project promoting a culture of peace through experiential workshops, trainings and retreat

Collaborative governance – transparent, inclusive and accountable:

Food for thoughts on how to avoid microaggressions when setting tasks:

European Citizens` Initiative – invitation to propose legislation:


Corner of raising awareness on social causes:

A practical handbook for community organizers who want to leverage social media for social change:



Moving video on raising awareness how harmful online hate speech can be (#clickwithcompassion):

Examples of peaceful assemblies: protests in Poznań, Poland against the judicial reforms in Poland:

No Hate Speech Movement:

A youth campaign of the Council of Europe for human rights online, to reduce the levels of acceptance of hate speech and develop online youth participation and citizenship, including in Internet governance processes:



How to be activist on an everyday basis:

Video on a protester in Poland – join him in the fight for human rights and peaceful protests:

Rückenwind – an initiative, which supports refugees by giving them bikes an teaching them how to repair them:…/new-cyclists-in-berlin-c0f980e9567b


Corner of education:

Power of online seminars – the map connecting the participants of the first online seminar of YPbM:

Clap Global –  enables travelers to visit local classrooms and have eye-opening conversations

Training for social action –
offering a range of workshops and resources on supporting nonviolent social change at the grassroots:


Design Tools to Help You Create Your Next Project:

Manual on “Do no Harm” – check the pic which explains the difference between conflict sensitivity and peacebuilding:


Corner of people’s stories:

They were different from one another #enhancingdiversity:

Reporting the hateful tweets:

“I was making music during the darkest time of war”:

Power of peer-to-peer initiatives: starting small and growing

The story of former white supremacist learned there’s life after hate:

“Peacebuilders Stories” — collection of stories by young peacebuilders that may serve as an inspiration to develop culture of peace:


Corner of current affairs:

“Letters from Eastern Europe – 100 words about politics” – blog of Olga – YPbM participant:

Video on communities hosting refugees: